Expressions Art & Culture Talks

QAIC’s Expressions: Art & Culture Talks are a recurring public creative dialogue that features a variety of personalities, artists, and creatives who have lived or worked in the Arab and Islamic Worlds and whose works were inspired and influenced by these cultures and people.

As an art and culture talk, Expressions aims to highlight the intersections and cultural connections that tie the American, Qatari, and in general the people of the Arab and Islamic Worlds through the act of storytelling. Creatives and cultural experts are invited to speak about their unique endeavors and artistic work, showcasing how they were inspired by the Arab and Islamic Worlds as a region, culture, and society.

These talks – centered around topics such as filmmaking, literature, fashion design, music, etc. – serve as a platform for creatives to delve into presentations and conversations that express their artistic journey and/or experiences within the Arab and Islamic worlds.