Through the art of storytelling, films can convey and simplify complex socio-political issues and cultural perspectives to diverse audiences across various evolving societies. The Arab Film House (AFH) program is a joint initiative by QAIC and the Doha Film Institute (DFI) that aims to highlight the crucial role that cinema and film play in defining various cultures while serving as a bridge between them.  The Arab Film House will focus on three main core values: Accessibility, Engagement, and Research. 


Accessibility: by offering educational workshops, special talks, exclusive screenings at QAIC’s Washington DC-based theater, and honor exceptional films through the Arab Film House Award.  

Engagement: by serving as a hub for emerging Arab filmmakers from Qatar, the United States, and all around the world who aspire to tell unique stories through this creative medium.   

Research: by providing significant research and film knowledge, original content, and resources that will be available to the public through our digital and social platforms. For instance, our social media series Featured Film Friday




Previous Events

The Art of Athletics Festival

A unique virtual celebration of the cross-section and culture of creativity and athleticism. QAIC is joined in this celebration by partners and friends from Qatar, such as the Doha Film Institute (DFI) and international composer Dana Al-Fardan, alongside American partners including ConocoPhillips, America SCORES, and the Washington Spirit soccer team.

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Expressions with Filmmaker Khalifa Al-Thani  

Expressions Art & Culture Talks presents a captivating conversation with Qatari Filmmaker and artist, Khalifa Al-Thani. In this webinar, Khalifa provides a unique look into working at the Doha Film Institute, behind the scenes of the Ajyal Film Festival, his experience as a filmmaker in both Qatar and the U.S., and his insight into the future of Arab cinema in the region and internationally.


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