Celebration of International Manakeesh Day

On November 3rd, the Qatar-America Institute for Culture (QAIC) proudly participated in the Dupont Business Improvement District (BID) ArtWalk, turning the vibrant streets of Washington, D.C.. The event not only marked the third annual International Manakeesh Day but also coincided with National Candy Day, providing the perfect opportunity for QAIC to celebrate with the community. From delightful halloween costumes and candy distribution to an authentic Middle Eastern culinary experience, the ArtWalk was an immersive journey into the heart of Arab culture.

QAIC’s presence at Dupont BID ArtWalk was a testament to our commitment to sharing the richness of Qatari and Arab culture. International Manakeesh Day is a celebration of the beloved Middle Eastern dish, Manakeesh, a traditional flatbread typically topped with a variety of flavorful ingredients such as za’atar, cheese, and lamb. To give visitors a taste of the Middle East, QAIC offered freshly baked Manakeesh that encapsulated the essence of Arabic cuisine.

In the spirit of a belated celebration of Halloween, QAIC encouraged visitors to embrace the festivity by wearing costumes. The colorful array of costumes added an extra layer of fun and cultural richness to the ArtWalk. In addition to celebrating International Manakeesh Day, it was also National Candy Day, and QAIC distributed a wide selection of candies to visitors of all ages. This sweet gesture brought smiles to faces and underscored the joyous atmosphere of the event.

After the sun had set and ArtWalk visitors had begun to explore the building, QAIC hosted the Georgetown Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Forum. The forum served as a platform for Georgetown alumni and career foreign policy experts to come together, network, and engage in meaningful conversations about the Arab world.

The evening reached its pinnacle with the keynote address delivered by QAIC’s esteemed board director, Bill Grant. Mr. Grant’s speech was a captivating journey through the history, culture, and diplomatic ties between Qatar, the United States, and the broader Middle East region. His insights provided a deeper understanding of the importance of cultural diplomacy and collaboration.

QAIC’s participation in the Dupont BID ArtWalk was a splendid celebration of International Manakeesh Day, National Candy Day, and Middle Eastern culture. QAIC remains committed to fostering cultural understanding and cooperation, and this event was a shining example of those efforts. We look forward to more such enriching initiatives in the future.