Cheers to Our Community: 5 Years of QAIC

On July 23rd, Qatar America Institute for Culture opened its doors to the D.C. community to celebrate five years of the organization. Three local vendors and partners joined us: the Museum of Palestinian People, Middle East Books and More, and Ohjia Puzzles. We were also joined by two remarkable musicians, Alif Laila, who played the sitar, and Laith Alattar, who played the oud. Both artists presented various songs, led demonstrations on their instruments, and finished their sets by engaging with the audience in a Q&A. Both instruments will be featured in next month’s Cultural Crossings exhibition.

Attendees of the event could watch four ‘Shorts by Shorties’ films in our Arab Film House. The short films, which the U.S. Embassy in Qatar sponsored, were done by various teenagers in high school in Doha. QAIC also offered activities such as a spin art table, a scavenger hunt for youths, an olfactory learning experience, and multilingual storytelling read by Ahmed and Mohammed from the Museum of Palestinian People.