The pandemic has impacted the livelihoods of women around the world. Although they have always faced challenges in balancing life, work, and all that is in between, the pandemic has required many women to make difficult trade-offs and great sacrifices. Through this exhibition, “Creativity in Quarantine: Women of the Pandemic,” QAIC is partnering with Katara to reflect on how women have confronted the realities of life in a pandemic. “Creativity in Quarantine: Women of the Pandemic” will feature Qatari and American female artists whose creative voices have carried on in spite of the COVID-19 chaos around them.

Creativity in Quarantine: Women of the Pandemic” is an opportunity for artistic dialogue and reflection on a global shared crisis and issues of significance to women empowerment through film, sculpture, photography, and painting. “Creativity in Quarantine: Women of the Pandemic” will allow ten female Qatari and American artists to connect, convene, and celebrate each other and their work. Submissions to participate must be received before December 30, 2020.

Accepted participants will showcase their artwork in a virtual exhibition hosted by Katara in June, 2021, in addition to an invitation to an in-person exhibition at QAIC’s headquarters in Washington, DC in Spring/Summer 2021. To apply, please submit your portfolio and project brief (film, sculpture, photography, or painting) to the following submission platform.



The Application Period for this program has ended. To view the exhibition, click on the link below. 


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