IMPART 2022 Exhibition Opening Reception

The walls and floors of Qatar America Institute for Culture are newly adorned with artwork produced by our IMPART 2022 Artist Grant Winners. In celebration of this new exhibition, QAIC hosted a public reception last week. Guests mingled and sipped on signature QAICtails as they appreciated the new exhibition and all that it has to offer. As attention-grabbing as the new artwork is, the real stars of the evening were Hoesy Corona and Nura Dhar, two of our grant winners, who spoke with guests about their installations and the inspiration behind them.  

As will be apparent to anyone who comes to view our new IMPART 2022 exhibit, each of our grant winners had a unique understanding of our “Sustainability & the Arts” theme. Mounted on our walls are Hoesy’s Climate Ponchos, which utilize sustainable materials as a medium to depict the journeys faced by those who have been displaced as a consequence of climate disaster. Spread across the marble entryway floor is a magnificent, hand-drawn charcoal Carpet by Nura. Finally, in his photography series, Dust in my Mouth, Roger captures images of Lebanon’s Msaylha dam. The series is designed to relay Roger’s experiences of navigating the loss of his father, as well as the earth’s resources. Viewed individually or as a collective exhibition, “IMPART 2022” is sure to leave viewers with much upon which to reflect.  

We welcome all members of the QAIC community to come view these impressive new installations. “IMPART 2022” will be on view through August 2023.