We are excited to announce the recipients of our 2021 IMPART Artists Grants: Nia Alexander Campbell, Josh Berer, and Patricia Daher.

“Connecting Creatives” and artist empowerment are central tenets of QAIC’s philosophy, and in that vein, and for the first time, QAIC established its IMPART Artist Grants initiative for artists to receive funding to help support them for their artistic venture in the year to come. We were humbled by the large number of applications from various and prolific artists in Qatar, America, and beyond, and we are grateful to all who submitted their proposals.

The selected grantees will share their artwork to be exhibited as part of our IMPART Artists exhibition at the end of this year. Once again, we congratulate the three recipients of the 2021 IMPART Artist Grants on this fantastic achievement and opportunity.

Nia Alexander Campbell

Nia Alexander Campbell is an artist and writer from Richmond, Virginia. She received a BFA in Painting & Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University with a minor in Art History and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Design from VCUarts Qatar.

Nia’s creative practice explores the ways collage, writing, and traditional & digital painting mediums can be used to tell stories through design. She believes that storytelling in any medium can function as an excellent way to combat ignorance, give a voice to the otherwise unheard, and bridge the divides we see in our world today. Her subject matter explores themes of the history, mental health, and the experiences of underrepresented groups of people. She often draws inspiration from her experiences as an African American woman raised in the U.S. and her numerous experiences abroad.

In both her visual and written work, Nia is passionate about inclusion and sharing the experiences of marginalized communities. Nia seeks to use her passion for visual art & design, writing, and social awareness to reach the younger generation, those who will grow to become future decision makers.

Josh Berer

Josh Berer is a classically-trained calligrapher and craftsman based in Washington, DC. He received his ijazah [master calligrapher’s certification] in the Thuluth and Naskh scripts from Mohamed Zakariya, and is currently a student of Talik script. He is also versed in papermaking, marbling, illumination, bookbinding, and woodworking. He speaks Arabic, Persian, and Turkish.

Patricia Daher

Patricia Daher’s work is autobiographical and visionary. Her conceptual, symbolic, and colorful pieces explore the connectivity between the state of the environment and emotional states. The connection of everything and the necessity of caring for the environment is voiced throughout her eclectic collections of paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages, installations, and social performances. Daher’s paintings and drawings are an exploration of color combinations and forms that manifest unseen worlds and concepts felt through mental images and empathy. Her vibrant palette and use of organic forms and repetition, mimic the vibrancy and worlds, micro and macro, found in nature. Daher visualizes the finished piece first and proceeds to execute it.

With a background in mathematics, she approaches the art-making process from the perspective of a scientist; embracing the freedom to master and experiment with new mediums and techniques, study color combinations, create connections, and explore new concepts and patterns. She finds joy in making pieces that engage the audience, encourages dialogue, and invite a change in perspective.