Intern Spotlight: Alisa Grishin

This past spring, QAIC welcomed its first fellow and intern cohort. Fellowships and internships are offered to students and post-graduates interested in the arts and heritage of Qatar and the Middle East and the cultural connections between this region and the United States.

In recognition of this cohort’s dedication to QAIC’s mission, we’re highlighting one of the spring/summer 2021 interns, Alisa Grishin. A senior at Salem State University, Alisa interned with our Communications department researching and writing for social media, blogs, and magazine articles, as well as developing a capstone project on museums’ efforts in bridging cultural differences.

Read more her experience at QAIC in her own words below:

Why QAIC? 

During my experience working in historical and cultural non-profits I developed a passion for cultural heritage protection. An internship at QAIC, therefore, offered a unique opportunity to observe how conversations about art, history, and culture can have lasting effects on cultural appreciation.

Favorite part of your internship?

Each week, I would especially look forward to doing QAIC’s Throwback Thursday post; having a dedicated time to learn more about art history was an unexpected highlight this internship.

What did you learn through your internship? 

My internship taught me that I am definitely in the right field. There is always a fear of being burnt out by one’s occupation, but my time with QAIC reaffirmed that this field is both exciting and rewarding.

Favorite artwork by an American or Arab artist?

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, (1885-6), by John Singer Sargent

For more information about QAIC’s fellowship and internship opportunities, click here.