Joe Biden’s Proclamation on National Immigrant Heritage Month

On May 31st, President Joe Biden declared June as the National Immigrant Heritage Month. In his statement, he proclaimed that the United States of America is shaped by brave people who have left their homes to seek refuge for a better life. His proclamation stated, “Immigrants have also helped the United States lead the world in science, technology, and innovation while contributing to the arts, culture, and government. They bring new traditions, customs, and perspectives that keep American innovation dynamic.” Looking back through history, America opened its doors to thousands of immigrants during World War II. It created a Refugee Admissions Program after the Vietnam War, which welcomed more than 3 million individuals fleeing persecution and war in Southeast Asia. In addition, the administration continues this long-lived tradition, which was evident when the United States welcomed tens of thousands of Afghans and their families who served honorably with American forces and thousands of Ukrainians who were escaping the Russian invasion.  

In honor of June National Heritage Month, President Joe Biden welcomes people to learn more about our Nation’s diverse history and observe this month with activities and programming that value diversity equity, and inclusion.