KAWS collaborates with Acute Art

American Artist KAWS collaborated with Acute Art to create an app called COMPANION (EXPANDED). The idea for the app came from the project EXPANDED HOLIDAY,  the new augmented reality project consists of a global public exhibition as well as entirely new AR sculptures that users can display, view, photograph, and share through the Acute Art app. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the COMPANION version was created for users to use in the comfort of their own homes.

A capture of the VR experience provided through the app

KAWS is a multimedia artist based in New York City, and his works have garnered him global recognition. He is a multimedia artist having done murals, paintings, and large scale sculpture.

This year, in January 2020, KAWS debuted an inflatable large scale sculpture on the dhow harbor in Doha, Qatar. He was commissioned by Qatar museums to carry out an exhibition ‘He Eats Alone,’ which showcased his work spanning his twenty-year career at the fire station venue near the harbor.

Acute Art collaborates with some of the world’s most compelling artists to find new avenues via technology to share their creative vision through the digital mediums, including augmented and mixed realities.

The new Acute Art app allows users to discover and become interactive with KAWS’ artwork through augmented reality. The app engages audiences that might not have a relationship to art in the traditional sense, taking the experience out of the gallery and into our homes.

The app is free to download until April 15th through the Apple Store and Google Play.