Meet Our Summer Fellows and Interns!

Throughout the year, QAIC offers fellowships and internships for students and post-graduates passionate about the arts and cultural heritage. This summer, we are hosting four new fellows and interns, who will work across our Communications, Programs, and Operations departments to support the work of the Institute. Read more below to learn about our newest fellows and interns and their roles at QAIC!

Introduce yourself!

  • Abdelrahman Kamel, Fellow: I am currently a Ph.D. student in the department of Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. My research and academic background focus on cultural diplomacy through museological practice in the Arabian Peninsula and broadly on Islamic and Middle Eastern art history.
  • Wissam Fakih, Fellow: I am a broadcast and film festival producer and a media professional. I finished my communications studies in Beirut, Lebanon and later achieved a Master of Arts in Arab Studies, focusing on women and gender in the MENA region at Georgetown University.
  • Ian Smith, Intern: I am from Massachusetts and go to college at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where I am majoring in History and minoring in Public History.
  • Maha Hamid, Intern: I am majoring in Global Studies with a minor in Project Management at Arizona State University.

Why did you choose a fellowship or internship at QAIC?

  • Abdelrahman: Reflecting on all my past experiences, I am grateful for my Qatari and North American backgrounds as they allowed me to apply my theoretical and academic work to professional practice. I firmly believe that my fellowship at QAIC will be a continuation of my academic and professional focus on research, cultural diplomacy, and the representation of religious and ethnic minority groups.
  • Wissam: Having lived in Doha for some time, I have a special place for Qatar in my heart. Coming from my belief in the power of cross-cultural collaboration and its impact on bringing people together, I chose to be a fellow with QAIC having faith that this Institute is capable of bridging the gaps between populations through the arts.
  • Ian: I chose to intern at QAIC because their vision of sharing and deepening the comprehension of culture and art between America and Qatar aligns with my goal of better understanding human culture through the lens of history.
  • Maha: I was born and raised in Virginia my entire life, but my family originally migrated from Sudan in 1992. I have always dreamt of traveling the world and getting to experience new cultures and discovering new places. With that in mind, I hope to become a diplomat to combine different cultures and build networks worldwide, while living and working abroad. As a new intern, I hope to expand my network in engaging with multicultural institutes and nonprofit organizations.

What will you be working on at QAIC?

  • Abdelrahman: I will be assisting the QAIC team with the upcoming edition of the A2Q magazine and the upcoming IMPART Summit. I will mainly be working in the Communications department with Cedric Craig, QAIC’s Director of Communications.
  • Wissam: I will share my background as a film festival professional and a producer while working with the Arab Film House initiative.
  • Ian: I will be working with both the Communications and Programs teams to help research and promote events.
  • Maha: I will be interning alongside the Operations team to ensure the success of QAIC.

What do you hope to learn over the course of your fellowship or internship?

  • Abdelrahman: By working with the QAIC team on various research projects, I hope to gain insight into the range of practices and approaches used in representing Eastern cultures in a Western context.
  • Wissam: Working with the Arab Film House, I hope to learn how to best support young filmmakers from the Arab world.
  • Ian: I hope to learn what is needed for larger events to be launched and promoted.
  • Maha: I hope to further develop my problem solving and planning skills.

Interested in an internship or fellowship with QAIC? To learn more about how to get involved, click here.