Mr. Monopoly Visits Qatar

Monopoly, which is the best-selling privately patented board game in history, gained popularity in the United States, has added Qatar to its latest editions! On November 29, Monopoly released its latest edition featuring Doha, Qatar’s capital, now Qatar’s community can play the classic board game, with unique landmarks that were picked by Mr. Monopoly himself during his tour of the city last month!

“Join the board game hero in his numerous activities around the city and start guessing the stand-out attractions and brands he will award to be featured in the local edition of the globally loved and played board game,” a press statement noted. “This edition will be everything residents, and tourists love about the traditional game, adapted in a way that Qataris will feel proud to play and enjoy for generations to come.”

The classic game has been around since the early 20th century and became popular in many other parts of the world. Throughout his Qatari tour, Mr. Monopoly experienced the country’s authentic natural environment, and rich culture, explored future developments, unique shopping zones, and artistic visions.

“It’ll be our pleasure to welcome Mr Monopoly to Doha and to help him experience everything this incredible destination has to offer,” said Berthold Trenkel, chief operating officer of Qatar Tourism. “The Doha Monopoly board will be the perfect keepsake for visitors, as it promises to showcase the very best experiences and varied landscapes for players to enjoy at home, long after their trip.”

In excitement for his visit, Qatar residents were able to track Mr. Monopoly by following @VisitQatar, #MrMonopolyinTown, and #MonopolyDoha on Instagram!