Oasis of Dialogue: QAIC Team Attends Episode Six

The pursuit of open dialogue and the exchange of ideas is a cornerstone of understanding, cooperation, and growth in any society. This principle holds true in the realm of international relations, where diplomacy and discourse can foster positive change. The Qatar America Institute for Culture (QAIC), recently had the privilege of attending the sixth episode of QatarDebates series, “Oasis of Dialogue: Bridging the Gap Between Muslim Communities and Their Governments.” This platform serves as a constructive space for discussing pressing issues and building bridges of understanding between diverse perspectives.  

The “Oasis of Dialogue” series, hosted by QAIC partner QatarDebates, provides a unique and constructive platform for the exchange of ideas and dialogue. It stands as a testament to the power of open, respectful discussion, even in the face of opposing viewpoints.  

In the sixth episode of “Oasis of Dialogue,” held in Washington D.C., the focus was on “Bridging the Gap: Muslim Communities & Their Governments.” The discussion delved into the complex relationship between Muslims and the governments and electoral systems that they participate in, specifically in the United States. It explored alignment with public opinion and instances where government actions have been at odds with the concerns and aspirations of Muslim populations. 

The episode featured a distinguished panel of speakers, including renowned activist Linda Sarsour, author Trita Parsi, and Dr. Dalia Fahmy. Each brought their unique perspectives and expertise to the discussion. The panel was skillfully moderated by QatarDebates Ambassador Mohammad Al Marri. 

The sixth episode of “Oasis of Dialogue” was a testament to the power of open and respectful discourse. QAIC staff had the privilege of participating in a vital conversation about the status of Muslim Americans and their engagement with their government. By fostering understanding and exploring the intricacies of this relationship, the “Oasis of Dialogue” series continues to contribute to the global pursuit of positive change through constructive conversations. This mission, of course, pairs beautifully with QAIC’s mission to bridge the Islamic and Arab Worlds with the United States.