QAIC’s Executive Director Addresses Communications Leaders and Nonprofit Executives About “Bridging Communities Through Cross-Cultural Collaboration”

At an elegant luncheon at the DACOR Bacon House in Washington, D.C., QAIC’s Executive Director, Fatima Al-Dosari, addressed communications leaders and nonprofit executives about Bridging Communities Through Cross-Cultural Collaboration. The June luncheon is the sixth in a series of monthly convenings hosted by the Global Communicators Collective (GCC). Over a three-course meal, attendees shared questions and ideas about their communications best-practices, challenges, and future initiatives.  

 During a break in the meal, Al-Dosari discussed how, at QAIC, we use visual, culinary, and olfactory arts as a common language. She shared a bit about her personal journey, including her master’s studies at Georgetown University, which focused on Communication, Culture, and Technology. Her early interests, studies, and her time in the U.S., led to her creating and leading QAIC. Prior to her arrival in the U.S., one of the roles she held was at Al Jazeera Media Network’s Interactive Media Incubation & Innovation Group. These experiences all play a part in how QAIC shares its mission to create, curate, and execute programs and research that amplify the prominence of art and culture from America, Qatar, and the Arab and Islamic worlds.  

 The live-streamed presentation was followed by a robust Q&A. One of her key messages is that communications can, and should be, intercultural, rather than cross-cultural.  

 QAIC is a regular participant of the GCC. We look forward to continuing to learn from and share with this dynamic group of leaders, and hope to welcome them to our home!