QAIC Partners with SMPI to Host Introductory Oud Workshop

In partnership with the Syrian Music Preservation Initiative, the Qatar America Institute for Culture hosted an introductory oud workshop featuring Maestro Muhammad Qadri Dalal. The prolific scholar and performer engaged our audience by talking about the history of the ouds, their physical and musical differences as well as their stories. Known as one of the most important figures of music in the Arab world, Muhammed Qadri Dalal has performed with most of the important traditional singers from the 70s, such as Sabah Fakhri, Sabri Mudallal, and Adib al-Dayekh. Thanks to Founder and Artistic Director Samer Ali, President Marissa Arciola, and Vice President of the Board, Fouad Salloum, guests were able to enjoy QAIC’s continued programming of its latest exhibition “Cultural Crossings: Exchanges Beyond the Silk Road.”

We thank all who came out to the event and encourage you to come to check out the exhibition. Schedule a tour here.