QAIC Team Explores the Foundation of Fragrance

For perfume – whether it is oil or alcohol-based, fruity, floral, or earthy – its evolution and influence throughout history is undeniable. For centuries, the practice and art of perfumery have varied in ingredients, purposes, and relevance. Fragrance triggers memories, emotions, and desires. To accomplish its mission of sharing the rich traditions of fragrance, QAIC partnered with mother-daughter duo Sherry Meredith and Gretchen Sterling who launched DIY Scent Studio in 2016 with the purpose of exploring and satisfying our olfactory system.  

Focusing on evoking the concept, inspiration, and emotions associated with fragrances, DIY Scent Studio caters to individuals who wish to experience these memories or maybe just to satisfy their curiosity. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, DIY Scent Studio allows guests to mix scents together to make personalized perfumes. Both women have professional knowledge and experience in the art of perfume making; Meredith has a background in botanical medicine, and Sterling is trained to be a perfumer in Grasse, France, and Coriano, Italy. Together, they lead guests through the scientific process behind creating perfumes, using a mix of archaic techniques and modern methods. 

Earlier this month, the QAIC team had the pleasure of welcoming DIY Scent Studio to our Washington, DC headquarters for an unforgettable team-building experience. During the workshop, we were given an overview of perfume history facts, the science behind the scent families, and the nuances of smells within those groups, such as floral, spicy, herbaceous, animal, fruits, woods, greens. The perfumery organs are organized by scent family where the team was able to experiment with an assortment of over 107 individual scents. 

While educational, a typical workshop is also a process of self-discovery and learning. Since many fragrances come from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, some participants have never had the opportunity to smell scents such as frankincense, oud, or myrrh. Through QAIC’s partnership with DIY Scent Studio, it will be offering these perfumery workshops to the public out of QAIC’s location in the coming months. By experimenting and exploring the smells, you too may be attracted to something completely new, and some of these smells may surprise even you!  

For more information on booking a perfumery experience at their location in Virginia, please visit DIY Scent Studio’s website, otherwise, stay tuned for opportunities at QAIC’s DC location as they are announced.