QAIC’s Olfactory Delegation

QAIC Executive Director, Fatima Al-Dosari, and Director of Programs, Laila Abdul-Hadi Jadallah, led an Olfactory Art delegation to Doha, Qatar with participants from the U.S and EU. Delegates were introduced to culturally, historically and commercially relevant sites in and around Doha. Delegates had the opportunity to meet with partners at companies and cultural organizations to increase their understanding of the historical importance and contemporary practices of fragrance in the country and region at large. Visit to QAI partners in Qatar and the U.S. included the Perfume Factory, Katara Cultural Village, Qatar Foundation’s Qur’anic Gardens, Blue Salon, the Perfume Museum, Galeries Lafayatte, Liwan Design Studios and Labs, M7, Scale7, the Museum of Islamic Art and more.  

This program reflects QAIC’s mission and vision to develop meaningful experiences that function as a bridge spanning the cultures of the US, Qatar and the broader Arab and Islamic worlds, and QAIC’s 2023 year-long exploration of technology and the arts.