QAIC’s Qatari Board Member Ashraf Abu Issa Awarded ‘Business Icon of the Year’

Qatari businessman, Chairman, and CEO of Abu Issa Holding (AIH) was awarded “Business Icon of the Year” from LLQ Lifestyle Choice Awards 2022. Ashraf Abu Issa, QAIC’s Board of Directors, dedicated his successful career to Qatar by stepping into leadership and business management at 19. AIH, known across the GCC region and beyond, was built over three decades, originating from the Blue Salon established in 1981 by the late Abdul Rahim Abu Issa. Operating in 9 countries and over 200 retail stores, Abu Issa Holding expanded globally into various sectors such as retail, e-commerce, brand distribution, real estate, energy, engineering and contracting services.  

QAIC would like to congratulate Qatari ‘Business Icon of the Year,’ Ashraf Abu Issa, for his recent accomplishment.