Garangao Celebration, Muslim Youth Choir, and QAI’s Third Iftar

As part of its Ramadan program for this holy month, QAI hosted different families and individuals for its third Iftar on June 4th, 2018 focusing on the message of “Islam & Family Traditions.” This Iftar was an exciting opportunity for community-building and cultural exchange around the diverse Ramadan traditions practiced in Muslim families, especially in Qatar and the United States. The role of Islam in the family, particularly the family dynamics with women and children, was also highlighted during this Iftar’s speeches and exhibited gallery.

The evening started with QAI’s Fatima Al-Dosari narrating the story of “Garangao,” a Qatari children’s tradition celebrated on the 15th night of Ramadan. In “Garangao,” children wear colorful traditional clothing and jewelry after Maghrib (Sunset) Prayer, walk around their neighborhoods singing the “Garangao” song and trick-or-treating. The “Garangao” tradition has been celebrated for decades, and children from all backgrounds and nationalities get to enjoy this annual celebration in Qatar.

Representatives from the All Dulles American Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center shared some American Muslim traditions too. Hurunnessa Fariad, the Outreach/Interfaith/Media Coordinator for ADAMS Center, and Nabila Chohan, the Principal of ADAMS Sully Branch Sunday School, shared the activities taking place at ADAMS Center and its surrounding Muslim community during Ramadan. During the year, ADAMS Center trains its young American Muslim choir called “ADAMS Beat.” The Iftar guests enjoyed hearing “America the Beautiful” and “Ramadan Ya Habib” (or “Ramadan O, Beloved” in English) by the nine young boys and girls from the choir.

Before concluding the night’s program and beginning the Iftar Marwan, a young boy from ADAMS Beat performed Adhan Al Maghrib, the sunset call to prayer which calls fasting Muslims to break their fast and begin their Iftar. QAI distributed “Garangao” bags full of traditional candy and nuts to ADAMS Beat members and the children among the audience.