QatarAmerica Digital 2.0

The Qatar America Institute for Culture is dedicated to serving as a meeting ground for all creative and cultural arts that source their inspiration from the Arab and Islamic worlds.

We realized that if we were to represent and occupy such a position within the artistic community – we would need both the digital capacity and ability to share all our work and bring the next generation of artists to you!

This summer, we at QAIC have been hard at work to bring this new vision to life in the digital space with a new website and digital initiatives such as the A2Q magazine and the Slice of QAIC podcast series.

Potential Design Consideration for QAIC's A2Q Digital Magazine

Potential Design Consideration for QAIC’s A2Q Digital Magazine

Our new website, slated for completion in early September, will be focused on making the experience for our community as seamless as possible. It will feature some of the unique work coming out of the Arab and Islamic worlds and the works made here at home – in the United States. QAIC’s quarterly digital magazine – A2Q – will complement our website and function as one of our main products.

It will highlight the unique stories and journeys of artists, writers, activists, and those seeking to make a positive change in the world.

We hope that through this magazine, we can share their unique perspectives and creative visions while bridging the gap between our diverse communities.

Slice of QAIC, A2Q’s sister initiative, hopes to enliven the content by not just showing you their creative works and stories but also allowing you to listen to them. Every story needs a voice to be told– and who better to tell it than the one who experienced it.

In the coming months, we will be launching these initiatives, inching ever closer to achieving and embodying our goals of connecting creatives, convening communities, and celebrating cultures. We at QAIC hope you can join us!