QatarDebate at QAIC

As part of QAIC’s Arabic Language & Culture Program, QAIC had the privilege of hosting QatarDebate for its third annual U.S. Arabic Debate Capacity Program from July 30th through August 1st, 2022. The three-day program aims to strengthen the culture of Arabic debate, dialogue, and discussion across American Universities by developing quality debate adjudicators, instructors, and trainers. In partnering with QatarDebate, QAIC is keen to empower the art of Arabic debate as a tool for cross-cultural understanding and peaceful dialogue beyond the classroom walls. The Qatar Majlis, for instance, is a cultural education space that QatarDebate started at Western Kentucky University, aiming to create similar spaces across American campuses in the US. QAIC is thrilled to continue its collaboration with QatarDebate through the Majlis and other capacity-building programs that can further convene students, scholars, and academics to learn more about Arabic language and culture.

Special thanks to QatarDebate Centers Outreach Program Manager Abdulrahman Al-Subaie, and Debate Instructor Saad Elasad for their efforts to build this great joint effort. We also thank Qatar Foundation for sponsoring QAIC’s Arabic Language & Culture program.


Read about QatarDebate here: qatardebate.org/

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