Things To Do DC: A Cultural Evening in Qatar

At Qatar America Institute for Culture, we pride ourselves on our curation of one-of-a-kind experiences. Opportunities ranging from an introductory perfume-making workshop to virtual reality immersion ensure that the QAIC community can engage in a diverse array of art and cultural activities. Last week, we were pleasingly reminded of how grateful many people are to be exposed to Arab culture on the most foundational level.   

Last week, Things to Do DC, in collaboration with QAIC, hosted “A Cultural Evening in Qatar.” At this sold-out event, guests learned about Qatari culture through food, fashion, music, scent, and art. As guests arrived, they were met with a cup of traditional karak tea, paired with the musical stylings of renowned Oudist, Laith Al Attar. Conversations were made all the more colorful as guests tried on traditional Qatari attire such as the thobe (ثَوْب  ) and ghutra (غُترَة) 

After introductory remarks by the CEO of Things to Do DC, Greg Bland, QAIC Executive Director, Fatima Al-Dosari, welcomed guests and celebrated their desire to learn more about Qatar. Ahmad Al-Shabani, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Qatar Embassy to the U.S., also shared welcoming remarks.  

While enjoying traditional Arab food, Laith continued to strum traditional Qatari songs on the Oud. Some sang along affectionately, while others swayed to the sounds of an instrument and music completely new to them. Throughout the course of the evening, visitors also toured our Perfumery Museum, viewed our exhibitions, and explored Qatari culture and art with QAIC staff.  

We look forward to continuing to open our doors for important and engaging events such as this.