Museum of Islamic Arts at night

Virtual Museum Tours Instituted As COVID-19 Precautions Instituted

The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant the closure of public spaces, business establishments, and self-quarantining in countries around the world. With 439 confirmed cases in Qatar, officials are taking all necessary measures to ensure safety for all citizens. This has meant the closure of public spaces, business establishments, and cultural programs. Qatar Museums has closed all of its museums, including cultural programs, initiatives, and workshops, until further notice. People have been advised to stay indoors, to stop the spread of the disease and keep those most vulnerable safe.  For those with access to wifi, you are still able to enjoy the riches of art and culture through virtual tours.

Working alongside the Google Cultural Institute, both the Museum of Islamic Art and MATHAF: Arab Museum of Modern Art give virtual tours. Museum of Islamic Art was one of the first institutions to work with Google Cultural Institute; an initiative started in 2011, that is currently in partnership with over 2,500 cultural institutions, allowing visitors from around the world to visit exhibitions and collections archives all around the world. The tour offers galleries and information on the work exhibited. Guests can enjoy the comfort of their own homes. 

(Image Source: Wikipedia)

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