We Are QAIC – Untold Stories

This August, the QAIC staff set out on a mission to connect with our audience personally. While you may have been following QAIC as an organization, we realized that you might not have known the personalities behind the scenes.

Each week this August, a member of QAIC staff took over our organizational account on Instagram and answered five questions to show you who they were and what they contribute to QAIC in achieving its mission.

Jump onto our Instagram page and see what our Executive Director, Fatima Al-Dosari has envisioned for QAIC. Read about what motivates our Communications Director, Cedric Craig to bring the same energy to work as he did from day one.

Please share in the passion that our Operations Manager, Yasmine Ahmed, has for our work and how she enables our organization to achieve it. And lastly, read about the new initiatives that drive our Senior Officer for Communications and Programs, Ali Malik.