Western Kentucky University and National Children’s Museum tour QAIC Headquarters 

On March 7th we were joined by our partners from Western Kentucky University, and the National Children’s Museum to view our current exhibitions and tour QAIC’s headquarters. With some of our Arabic Program fellows being students from WKU, and the opening of our upcoming exhibition “Alif Ba”, it was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Arabic language and how QAIC will accommodate this immersive experience for all to try.

“Alif Ba” is an interactive experience that introduces young audiences to the Arabic alphabet and language. In Partnership with the National Children’s Museum, it was presented by the Qatar Foundation in celebration of the Qatar-United States 2021 Year of Culture.

Featuring 28 large letter representations, “Alif Ba Exhibition” will provide visitors an opportunity to touch the letters that make up the Huruf al-Abjadia (or, letters of the alphabet)listen to the sound of each harf (or, letter), to discover Arabic words that begin with those letters, and to practice writing or tracing the Huruf al-Abjadia. The exhibit promotes cultural partnership and helps expand visitors’ understanding and appreciation of language and communication.